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Untitled by Jean Arp

    Untitled by Jean Arp

    Untitled (Squares Arranged According to the Laws of Chance) by Jean Arp was created in 1917. The painting is in is in Museum of Modern Art New York. The size of the work is 33,2 x 25,9 cm was made as an Cut-and-pasted colored paper on colored paper.

    Arp viewed chance as a means of access, through the unconscious, to the basic ordering processes of the natural world. He declared that “these works, like nature, were ordered ‘according to the law of chance’” and arranged “automatically, without will.” The artist’s conscious arrangement, however, did play a crucial role. For Arp, “chance” was a liberating idea, a method of beginning a work of art that evaded traditional composition but did not avoid it.

    About the Artist: German-French sculptor, painter, and poet Jean Arp was born in Strasbourg. In 1904, after leaving the École des Arts et Métiers in Straßburg, he went to Paris where he published his poetry for the first time. From 1905 to 1907, he studied at Kunstschule in Weimar, Germany. In 1908 went back to Paris, where he attended the Académie Julian. Arp was a founder-member of the Moderne Bund in Lucerne, participating in their exhibitions from 1911 to 1913… Read more


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