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The Siesta or Pompeian Scene by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

    The Siesta or Pompeian Scene by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

    The Siesta or Pompeian Scene by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema was created in 1864. The painting is in Museo del Prado Madrid. The size of the work is 130 x 369 cm and is made of oil on canvas.

    A domestic scene set in classical antiquity. An old man and a youth recline on divans while an attractive young woman plays music on a double flute. Both the clothing and the setting suggest the Greek world, and the motives and clothing are rigorously faithful to archeological discoveries made in the mid nineteenth century. Despite being Dutch by birth, Sir Lawrence Alma cultivated an eclectic personal neoclassicism closer to the elegance and style of the British Pre-Raphaelites, as can be seen in the present painting… Discover more in Museo del Prado Madrid.

    The Artist: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836 – 1912) was a Dutch painter of special British denizenship. Born in Dronrijp, the Netherlands. He trained at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, Belgium. He settled in England in 1870 and spent the rest of his life there. A classical-subject painter, he became famous for his depictions of the luxury and decadence of the Roman Empire, with languorous figures set in fabulous marbled interiors or against a backdrop of dazzling blue Mediterranean Sea and sky.

    Though admired during his lifetime for his draftsmanship and depictions of Classical antiquity. His works fell into disrepute after his death, and only since the 1960s has it been re-evaluated for its importance within nineteenth-century British art… Read more

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