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The Harvest Moon by Samuel Palmer

    The Harvest Moon by Samuel Palmer

    The Harvest Moon by Samuel Palmer was created in 1833. The painting in Yale Center for British Art. The size of the work is 22,2 x 27,6 cm and is made of oil on paper laid on panel.

    Samuel Palmer sought spiritual fulfillment outside of traditional religious doctrine, instead revering nature as evidence of divine creation. He transformed familiar motifs, such as trees, valleys, peasants, and the night sky, into visionary landscapes. In The Harvest Moon, Palmer portrayed laborers bundling sheaves of corn into the night, an agricultural practice that was common at the time during harvest season. But the composition is not simply a naturalistic representation of peasant labor; bathed in the celestial amber light of the full moon and painted in an unpretentious style, the scene assumes a mystical quality. (read more in Yale Center for British Art)

    About the Artist: British landscape painter, etcher and printmaker Samuel Palmer was born in Surrey Square off the Old Kent Road in Newington, London. Palmer painted churches from around age twelve, and first exhibited Turner-inspired works at the Royal Academy at the age of fourteen. Through John Linnell, he met William Blake in 1824. Blake’s influence can be seen in work he produced over the next ten years. The works were landscapes around Shoreham, near Sevenoaks in the west of Kent… read more

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