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The Ecstasy of Saint Francis by Giovanni Baglione

    The Ecstasy of Saint Francis by Giovanni Baglione

    The Ecstasy of Saint Francis by Giovanni Baglione was created in 1601. The painting is in Art Institute of Chicago. The size of the work is 155,3 x 116,8 cm and is made as an oil on canvas.

    Generally considered Giovanni Baglione’s most accomplished painting, this work is his first known “Caravaggesque” picture—that is, one that incorporates the innovative use of realistic figure types and dramatic lighting favored by the painter Caravaggio beginning in the late 1590s. Saint Francis swoons in ecstasy into the arms of an angel after meditating on the instruments used to torture Jesus, presented by another angel on the left. Baglione’s brief Caravaggesque phase ended after 1603, when, in an infamous trial, he accused Caravaggio of slander for having distributed a series of malicious poems about him. Read more in Art Institute of Chicago.

    About the Artist: Italian Late Mannerist and Early Baroque painter Giovanni Baglione was born in Rome. A pupil of the obscure Florentine artist working in Rome, Francesco Morelli, he worked mainly in Rome, initially with a late-Mannerist style influenced by Giuseppe Cesari. He spent 1621 – 1622 in Mantua as the court artist of Duke Ferdinando Gonzaga, where the exposure to the fabulous Gonzaga collection of Venetian paintings influenced his style… Read more

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