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The Deposition by Raphael

    The Deposition by Raphael

    The Deposition by Raphael was created in 1507. The painting is in Galleria Borghese, Rome. The size of the work is 179 x 174 cm and is made of oil on wood.

    As a model for the composition of this dramatic artwork, the artist used Perugino’s Pieta, executed in 1495 and now located in Palazzo Pitti. However, the latter embodies Christ seated on the ground, as was the custom of the time. He did a lot of work on the research of the individual figures and preparatory sketches for the whole image. The final result may have been created by juxtaposing two cartoons. The depicted scene is neither a Deposition nor the Entombment but is in the middle. From the background, we can understand it: on the right is Mount Calvary,.. Read more in Galleria Borghese.

    About the Artist: Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance Raphael was born in the small but artistically significant central Italian city of Urbino in the Marche region. Most modern historians agree that Raphael at least worked as an assistant to Perugino from around 1500. Raphael led a “nomadic” life, working in various centres in Northern Italy, but spent a good deal of time in Florence, perhaps from about 1504. Although there is traditional reference to a “Florentine period” of about 1504–1508, he was possibly never a continuous resident there… read more


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