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The Concert by Dirck van Baburen

    The Concert by Dirck van Baburen

    The Concert by Dirck van Baburen was created in 1623. The painting is in Detroit Institute of Arts. The size of the work is 105,4 x 133,3 cm and is made as an oil on canvas.

    In The Concert, Baburen presents a ragtag group. Their costumes and instruments range from historic to contemporary, and the woman’s gesture of crowning the robe-clad lutenist with a floral wreath may indicate that they are a performance troupe joined by an elegant gentleman. The light that streams in from the left shimmers on his silken sleeves and the polished wood of his violin, highlighting, as well, the flushed faces of the other spirited musicians… (read more in in Detroit Institute of Arts)

    About the Artist: Dutch Baroque painter Dirck van Baburen was born in Wijk bij Duurstede in 1595. His father was a Jasper van, Utrecht council. In 1611, he started taking painting lessons from Paulus Moreelse, a painter of portraits and historical subjects. Probably in later years he became an apprentice of the painter. In 1612 he went to Rome and was influenced by Caravaggio’s dramatic shadowing and the use of light… Read more

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