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Support Ship by Ivan Aivazovsky

    Support Ship by Ivan Aivazovsky

    Support Ship by Ivan Aivazovsky was created in 1892. The painting is in private collection and is made of oil on canvas.

    About the Artist: Russian-Armenian Romantic painter Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky was born in Feodosia (1817). Aivazovsky’s childhood was spent in poverty on the outskirts of the city facing the beautiful Feodosia Bay and the ruins of an ancient Greek fortress. Young Ivan was mesmerized by the grandeur of the view and the heroic stories told about the Greeks and the famous battles of the past. His talent was discovered at a very early age. He was taken on as an apprentice by a local architect and later sent to a gymnasium in Simferopol where he showed such amazing artistic skills that influential locals helped him move to St. Petersburg to enter the Academy of Art… Read more

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