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Study in Black and Green by John White Alexander

    Study in Black and Green by John White Alexander

    Study in Black and Green by John White Alexander was created in 1906. The painting is in Metropolitan Museum of Art New York. The size of the work is 127 x 101,9 cm and is made of oil on canvas.

    The idealized, impassive woman, shown as if she were a precious object, was a favorite turn-of-the-century subject and one particularly suited to Alexander’s temperament. Here, a young beauty is absorbed in nothing more consequential than pinning a bauble or blossom to the low neckline of her elegant evening gown. The skirt’s sinuous striped pattern, the curves at the knees and shoulders, and the contour of the upswept hair justify the description of Alexander as “the painter of the flowing line.” His dazzling brushwork is especially notable in the rendering of the rich fabrics and in the otherwise plain background…. Read more in Metropolitan Museum of Art

    About the Artist: American Symbolist Artist John White Alexander was born in 1856 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. John White Alexander began working as illustrator and political cartoonist at Harper’s Weekly in New York from 1874. During this time, he met famous illustrators such as Thomas Nast, Edwin Austin Abbey, Joseph Pennell and Howard Pyle. In 1877 he went to Europe… Read more

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