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Storm at the Norwegian Coast by Andreas Achenbach

    Storm at the Norwegian Coast by Andreas Achenbach

    Storm at the Norwegian Coast by Andreas Achenbach was created in 1837. The painting is in Stadelsches Kunstinstitut Frankfurt. The work is made of oil on canvas.

    The tumultuous sea hurtles the ship towards the harsh crags. To heighten the drama, the artist has deliberately cast the brightest light on the surf between the rocks and the mighty cliffs on the coast. From a safe distance, the viewer shudders in view of nature’s majestic transcendence over the inconsequentiality of man. Andreas Achenbach was an important German Romanticist landscape painter and a representative of the Düsseldorf school of painting. It was not until 1839 – two years after the execution of this work – that he actually travelled to Norway… Read more in Stadelsches Kunstinstitut Frankfurt.

    About The Artist: Andreas Achenbach (1815 – 1910) was a German landscape and seascape painter in the Romantic style. He is considered to be one of the founders of the Düsseldorf School. Andreas Achenbach was born in Kassel (1815). Apart from the art sense of the maternal grandfather, the tobacco manufacturer Andreas Zilch Kassel, little hint that this family would emerge two important for the 19th century painters. Achenbach’s father worked in a number of different professions. In 1816 he took over the management of a lead sugar factory in Mannheim. From there, in 1818, the family moved to Saint Petersburg… Read more

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