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Spring by Sandro Botticelli

    Spring by Sandro Botticelli

    Spring by Sandro Botticelli was created in ca. 1480. The painting is in Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. The size of the work is 207 x 319 cm and is made as an tempera grassa on wood.

    This painting, usually known as the Primavera [or ‘Spring’] shows nine figures from classic mythology advancing over a flowery lawn in a grove of orange and laurel trees. In the foreground, to the right, Zephyrus embraces a nymph named Chloris before taking her; she is then portrayed after her transformation into Flora, the spring goddess. The centre of the painting is dominated by the goddess of love and beauty, Venus, chastely dressed and set slightly back from the others, and by a blindfolded Cupid, firing his arrow of love. (Read more in Galleria degli Uffizi)

    About the Artist: Italian painter of the Early Renaissance Sandro Botticelli was born the city of Florence. From around 1461 or 1462 Botticelli was apprenticed to Fra Filippo Lippi. In 1472 Botticelli took on his first apprentice, the young Filippino Lippi, son of his master. Botticelli and Filippino’s works from these years, including many Madonna and Child paintings, are often difficult to distinguish from one another… Read more

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