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Saint Jerome by Hieronymus Bosch

    Saint Jerome by Hieronymus Bosch

    Saint Jerome by Hieronymus Bosch was created in c. 1485. The painting is in Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (MSK). The size of the work is 80,1 x 60,6 and is made as an oil on oak wood.

    As Hieronymus Bosch’s namesake, St Jerome occupies a significant place in his work. He represented him on several occasions. The artist considered the saint a role model, both as a scholar and because of his relentless moralism and his personal dedication. St Jerome lived in the 4th century and was one of the four great Latin fathers of the Church. At the age of thirty-eight, he retired from public life in Rome to lead an ascetic life in Palestine. (Read more in Museum of Fine Arts Ghent)

    About the Artist: Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch was born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Little is known of Bosch’s life or training. Bosch lived all his life in and near ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which was located in the Duchy of Brabant. He became a popular painter in his lifetime and often received commissions from abroad. In the 20th century, when changing artistic tastes made artists like Bosch more palatable to the European imagination, it was sometimes argued that Bosch’s art was inspired by heretical points of view as well as by obscure hermetic practices. Read more


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