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Repose by John White Alexander

    Repose by John White Alexander

    Repose by John White Alexander was created in 1895. The painting is in Metropolitan Museum of Art New York. The size of the work is 132,7 x 161,6 cm and is made of oil on canvas.

    IAlexander, who lived in Paris during the 1890s, achieved international success with his studies of female figures gracefully posed in elegant interiors. In this example, the provocative facial expression and supple curves reflect the contemporary French taste for sensual images of women as well as the undulating linear rhythms of Art Nouveau. With its model decoratively attired in a sweep of white fabric,… Read more in Metropolitan Museum of Art

    About the Artist: American Symbolist Artist John White Alexander was born in 1856 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. John White Alexander began working as illustrator and political cartoonist at Harper’s Weekly in New York from 1874. During this time, he met famous illustrators such as Thomas Nast, Edwin Austin Abbey, Joseph Pennell and Howard Pyle. In 1877 he went to Europe. He stayed in Paris for a while. After joining the Royal Academy in Munich, he traveled to Bavaria, Venice and Florence with Frank Duveneck and the artists around him.Read more

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