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King Lear Scene by Edwin Austin Abbey

    King Lear Scene by Edwin Austin Abbey

    King Lear Scene by Edwin Austin Abbey was created in 1898. The painting is in Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The original size of the work is 137,8 x 323,2 cm and is made of oil on canvas.

    Multitalented Edwin Austin Abbey, a Philadelphia-born illustrator, painter, and muralist, is best known for his historical imagery, especially Arthurian and Shakespearean subjects. A popular member of expatriate artistic circles, Abbey first visited England in 1878, and settled there permanently in 1882. In this dramatic scene from King Lear, Cordelia -Shakespeare’s heroine in the tragedy- stands at the center of the composition, having just been renounced by her father in the play’s opening scene. Read more in Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    The Artist: American painter and illustrator Edwin Austin Abbey (1852 – 1911) studied art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts under Christian Schuessele. Abbey began as an illustrator, producing numerous illustrations and sketches for such magazines as Harper’s Weekly (1871–1874) and Scribner’s Magazine. His illustrations began appearing in Harper’s Weekly before Abbey was twenty years old. He moved to New York City in 1871. His illustrations were strongly influenced by French and German black and white art… read more

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