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Couple on a Walk by Gustave Caillebotte

    Couple on a Walk by Gustave Caillebotte

    Couple on a Walk by Gustave Caillebotte was created in 1881. The painting is in Museum Bamberini, Potsdam. The size of the work is 100,2 x 125,3 cm and is made as an oil on canvas.

    In the 1860s the seaside resorts in Normandy became the most popular summer retreats of the Parisian bourgeoisie. Here a young couple (likely the artist and his partner, Charlotte Berthier) are strolling past the luxurious Villa italiennein Trouville. The red parasol adds an accent to the picture, in which fresh green tones are dominant. The depiction of the figures from behind allows viewers to put themselves in the role of the vacationers. (Find more in Museum Bamberini)

    About the Artist: French painter Gustave Caillebotte was born in the rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis. Caillebotte earned a law degree in 1868 and a license to practice law in 1870, and he also was an engineer. After the Franco-Prussian war, Caillebotte began visiting the studio of painter Léon Bonnat. In 1873, Caillebotte entered the École des Beaux-Arts, but apparently did not spend much time there. was a member and patron of the Impressionists, although he painted in a more realistic manner than many others in the group… Read more

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