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A Mosque by Alberto Pasini

    A Mosque by Alberto Pasini

    A Mosque by Alberto Pasini was created in 1886. The painting is in Metropolitan Museum of Art New York. The size of the work is 37,1 x 55,2 cm and is made of oil on canvas

    A mosque serves as the backdrop for this scene of village life, which features many figures outfitted in European-style military uniforms. Here, focusing on the lively mix of cultures, Pasini drew upon his extensive travels in the Middle East, which served as the source material for his paintings. His first opportunity to see this part of the world came in 1855, when he replaced his friend Théodore Chassériau as the official artist on a diplomatic mission to Persia. (read more in Metropolitan Museum of Art)

    About the Artist: Italian painter Alberto Pasini was born in Busseto. He is best known for depicting Orientalist subjects in a late-Romantic style. At the age of 17 years, in the Academy of Fine Art of Parma. He studied landscape painting and drawing. By 1852, he exhibited a series of thirty designs, made into lithographs, depicting various castles around Piacenza, Lunigiana and Parma. In 1853 his lithograph of The Evening gained him admittance to the Paris Salon, and to the workshop of the famous Théodore Chassériau… read more

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