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A Dessert by Raphaelle Peale

    A Dessert by Raphaelle Peale was created in 1814. The painting is in National Gallery of Art Washington D.C. The size of the work is 34 x 48,3 cm and is made of oil on wood.

    A shallow bowl filled with oranges, grapes, and nuts is surrounded by a short, flaring glass, a glass decanter, a lemon, and more nuts arranged along a wooden tabletop in this horizontal still life painting. The objects nearly fill the composition, and the table extends off both sides. The three oranges are pale, with the one at the center nearly yellow, and a stem of dark green leaves lies across the top. A bunch of shriveled grapes, like raisins still on the vine, lies across the almonds and other nuts, all in their shells, in the bowl. Read more in National Gallery of Art Washington D.C.

    About the Artist: American painter Raphaelle Peale was born in Annapolis, Maryland. Raphaelle was trained by his father as an artist. Early in his career, the pair collaborated on portraits. In 1793, he made a trip to South America in order to collect specimens for the Peale Museum founded by his father. He exhibited five portraits and eight other paintings, probably still lifes, at the Columbianum, Philadelphia in 1794… Read more

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