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What is an Oil Painting Reproduction

    What is an Oil Painting Reproduction

    What is an Oil Painting Reproduction

    Oil painting is the name given to the basic painting technique of portrait, landscape, still life and similar subjects and is considered as port classic royal discipline. The durability and color brilliance of the oily paint are unique. A binder is an important component of oil colors.

    Artists prefer oil paint because of their superior properties. It is used as balsamic thinner, resin, varnish and mixing element for oil painting. Thinner serves as a thinning agent. The balanced material for an oil paint is very important. For example, too much oil or an excessively absorbent surface can cause wrinkles or paint toss.

    After full drying and after all paint layers have settled (usually one year later), the oil paint can be coated with varnish to protect the surface. The main impetus for the decisive development and diffusion of this new technology was carried out especially by Jan Van Eyck. Antonello da Messina also became widespread in Italy through. In northern Europe, it has spread more slowly.

    Thanks to the materials and techniques that have evolved over the years, it has become widespread all over Europe and then accepted as an important working technique accepted by the whole world painting.

    Oil Painting Reproduction

    The paintings of the famous masters is the term reproductive, which means reproduction. It is necessary to analyze the technique and colors of the artifact that will be replicated in this study technique. Step by step to understand the process of making the original process is tried to pass the composition canvas.


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