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Thingvalla by Vilhelm Arnesen

    Thingvalla by Vilhelm Arnesen

    Thingvalla by Vilhelm Arnesen is in Private Collection and is made of oil on canvas.

    The Artist: Danish painter Wilhem Karl Ferdinand Arnesen (1865-1948) was educated at the Academy of Arts. He was given the highly esteemed honour to accompany the Danish Royal family on their many travels abroad. Arnesen was known for his detailed and powerful seascapes with large sail ships and often portrayed famous historical events. Arnesen traveled and worked all around the world. His paintings were in high demand. Arnesen is known to be the last of the great old national marine artists. The paintings of Arnesen have been exhibited at the world fair in Chicago, Museum of Arts in Lübeck, Germany and frequently at Charlottenborg.

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