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The Death of Eurydice by Niccolo dell’Abbate

    The Death of Eurydice by Niccolo dell'Abbate

    The Death of Eurydice by Niccolo dell’Abbate was created in 1552 and the original painting is in National Gallery London. The original size of the work is 189,2 x 237,5 cm and is made of oil on canvas.

    The story of Eurydice and Aristaeus is told by the Roman poet Virgil. In the far distance Orpheus, Eurydice’s husband, charms wild animals with his music. Three nymphs gather flowers, unaware that the shepherd Aristaeus is pursuing Eurydice. She is bitten by a snake as she runs away. Identifiable by her blue drapery, Eurydice appears again, lying dead on the ground. In the middle distance, Aristaeus consults his mother Cyrene concerning the death of his bees… Read more in National Gallery

    The Artist: Niccolò dell’Abbate, (1512 – 1571) was a Mannerist Italian painter in fresco and oils. He was of the Emilian school, and was part of the team of artists called the School of Fontainebleau that introduced the Italianate Renaissance to France. He trained together with Alberto Fontana in the studio of Antonio Begarelli, a local Modenese sculptor; early influences included Ferrarese painters such as Garofalo and Dosso Dossi. He specialized in long friezes with secular and mythological subjects

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