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The Artist In His Studio by Rembrandt van Rijn

    The Artist In His Studio by Rembrandt van Rijn

    The Artist In His Studio by Rembrandt van Rijn was created in 1628. The painting is in Museum of Fine Arts Boston. The size of the work is 24,8 x 31,7 cm and is made of oil on panel.

    A young artist stands in a nearly empty studio, brushes in hand. Rather than showing the artist in the act of creation, Rembrandt focuses on the daunting expectations of the surface to be painted. This little picture asserts that making art is as intellectual as it is technical, a product of the mind as well as the hand. The painter here is conscious of the task ahead—think about how the looming easel blocks his way to the door—and maybe even of his place within the Netherlandish artistic tradition. Read more in Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

    About the Artist: Dutch Golden Age painter, printmaker and draughtsman Rembrandt was born on 15 July 1606 in Leiden, in the Dutch Republic, now the Netherlands. As a boy, he attended a Latin school. At the age of 13, he was enrolled at the University of Leiden, although according to a contemporary he had a greater inclination towards painting. In 1624 or 1625, Rembrandt opened a studio in Leiden, which he shared with friend and colleague Jan Lievens. In 1627, Rembrandt began to accept students, which included Gerrit Dou in 1628 and Isaac de Jouderville… Read more

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