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National Museum of Art Oslo

    National Museum of Art Oslo

    The National Museum of Art Oslo founded in 1837, the National Gallery houses Norway’s largest public collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures. The main emphasis of the collection is on Norwegian painting and sculpture from the 19th century. The museum also holds an extensive collection of drawings and prints by Norwegian and international artists. Highlights of the collection include major works by Edvard Munch, including The Scream. Other important artists include J.C. Dahl, Adolph Tidemand, Hans Gude, Harriet Backer and Christian Krohg.

    National Museum of Art Oslo shows permanent exhibitions of works from its own collections and temporary exhibitions that incorporate works loaned from elsewhere. The Museum’s exhibition venues in Oslo are the National Gallery and the National Museum – Architecture. The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design closed in October 2016 and The Museum of Contemporary Art closed 3 September 2017. The Museum’s programme also includes exhibitions that tour both within and beyond Norway’s borders.

    Karin Hindsbo is Director of The National Museum and took up the post 1 June 2017.


    Universitetsgata 13, Oslo

    Opening hours
    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday: 10.00-18.00
    Wednesday: 10.00-18.00
    Thursday: 10.00-19.00
    Friday: 10.00-18.00
    Saturday: 11.00-17.00
    Sunday: 11.00-17.00


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