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Mariotto Albertinelli Biography and Paintings

    Mariotto Albertinelli

    Mariotto Albertinelli (1474 – 1515)

    Italian Renaissance artist Mariotto Albertinelli was born in Florence in 1474. Mariotto Albertinelli, a student of Casimo Roselli, proved his ability to draw antique objects in the garden of the Medici family. It was Fra Bartolomeo’s workshop companion and assistant.

    He built a workshop together in 1494. The styles looked so similar to each other that they still can not be sure who belongs to whom. From around 1500 Fra Bartolomeo renounced painting for a few years in the wake of Savonarola’s morality campaign. The “Last Judgment” made in 1500 is one of the important proofs of this. (San Marco Museum, Florence).

    His most notable works are a small three-wing painting (1500) in the Poldi Pezolli Museum in Milan. Visit at the Uffizi Museum (1503) and Saint Hieronymus and Saint Zenobius at the Toulouse Museum and the Virgin Mary and child (1506) paintings.

    In 1509 Albertinelli and Fra Bartolomeo, who had by then resumed painting, entered again into a partnership. Their partnership was on an equal footing and entitled each to half the profit of a shared commission. The partnership was dissolved in January 1513, as is evidenced by a surviving document.

    Paintings by Mariotto Albertinelli


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