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Madonna and Child by Francesco Bacchiacca

    Madonna and Child by Francesco Bacchiacca was created in 1520. The painting is in Metropolitan Museum of Art New York. The size of the work is 87 x 67,3 cm and is made as an oil and gold on wood.

    Bachiacca was a friend and associate of Andrea del Sarto, and collaborated with him and Francesco Granacci on a memorable series of paintings for a bedroom in Florence. This devotional painting shows the Madonna and Child amidst a selection of carefully depicted flowers—jasmine, cornflower, rose, and sweetbriar—all of which were symbols of the Virgin or Christ in the Renaissance. The composition, also the basis for paintings by Granacci, one of which is exhibited in this gallery, was inspired either by a relief sculpture by Donatello or, more likely, a drawing by Michelangelo, with whom both painters were acquainted… (read more in Metropolitan Museum of Art)

    About the Artist: Italian Renaissance period, mannerist Painter Francesco Bacchiacca was born in Florence in 1494. He took his first training from Perugino. Initially, Pontomo and Rosso Fiorentino followed the artistic line. He worked with Perugino towards Mannerism and was influenced by him. He stayed in Rome for a while. In 1540, he returned to Florence and worked for Cosimos I. Medici. Not dependent on a single style. For example, the mother and father figures in ’Adam and Eve with their Children’ painting are from Perugino’s ‘Apollo… Read more

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