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Francesco Albani Biography and Paintings

    Francesco Albani

    Francesco Albani (1578 – 1660)

    Italian Baroque Artist Francesco Albani was born in 1578 in Bologna. He took his education from Dutch painter Denys Calvaert.

    In 1600, Albani moved to Rome to work on the fresco decoration of the gallery of the Palazzo Farnese, which was being completed by the studio of Annibale Carracci. He was the lead student of Carracci. The artist completed around 45 works at the Carracci School. He worked on pastoral figures in ancient mythology.

    During 1612-14, Albani completed the Choir frescoes at the church of Santa Maria della Pace which had just been remodelled by Pietro da Cortona. In 1616 he painted ceiling frescoes of Apollo and the Seasons at Palazzo Verospi in Via del Corso for the cardinal Fabrizio Verospi.

    While working on his subjects, the idyllic poets took the support of Torquato Tassos and Guarino Guarinis. The beautiful second wife and her children helped with the models on their tables.

    Farnaze in Rome worked on the painting of the palace. He was one of the most important painters of his time. His brother, Giovanni Battista Albani was also a painter, among the many pupils the artist had, including the High Baroque painter, Andrea Sacchi (1599 – 1661).

    Paintings by Francesco Albani

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