Eugene Fromentin The Sandstorm

Eugene Fromentin The Sandstorm

Eugene Fromentin The Sandstorm


Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 55,2 x 65,4 cm


Art Movement: Orientalism

Eugene Fromentin The Sandstorm ART PRINT ON CANVAS

All pieces are made of artist-grade 330 g/m2 (PVC free) 100% cotton canvas.

The visual qualities of the works are examined by editors and only the appropriate ones are taken into the collection.

The edges are given a five-centimeter portion in addition to the size you choose and covered with a suitable color. So you can stretch the wooden bar and hang it on your wall without any other accessories.

After the printing and drying process is finished, a special layer of protection is applied so that the canvas print is resistant to external influences. However, detergent, different chemicals and the use of wet cloth may damage the canvas print during cleaning.

It is recommended to use a soft brush for cleaning. The printed canvas is carefully cut and folded and deposited to dry without being allowed to fold. After completing drying the protective surface layer prepared with a special mixture is driven.

This process should be done with a soft roll and the surface should be spread homogeneous. Otherwise, the eye will have false marks on the surface and the table will create unwanted reflections in different posture positions. Our canvas prints made of surface protection will be left to dry and rest.